Welcome to the Build Green NM Program. This is an above code program and is designed to give homeowners a better home. One that is more comfortable, energy efficient and healthier.

Build Green NM Certification Process

    • Download the Build Green NM program Spreadsheet.
      Download Build Green NM Program
      Effective Date is for Projects Permitted January 1, 2021 and after.

      1. This is an Excel file and contains all the instructions, an overview of the program, the scoring spreadsheet and other documents relevant to the program
      2. Review and note the practices in the scoring spreadsheet. This will give you an idea of where you may stand with regard to getting your home certified or, if you are a home buyer what had to go into the home to make it certified.
    • For Builders and HVAC Contractors, download this separate spreadsheet for the required reports for the BGNM Verifier.
      Download HVAC Accountability Report

    • Hire a HERS Rater / Green Verifier.
      1. These individuals perform multiple functions in the certification process. To find a HERS Rater / Green Verifier in your area go to the HERS Rater / Green Verifier tab on this website. (these are independent 3rd party verifiers and are not employees of Build Green NM)
      2. They evaluate the plans and give an initial HERS index of the project
      3. They visit the site at specific times to evaluate and confirm that certain practices have been done
      4. They perform testing to confirm the final HERS Index of the project
      5. They submit the documentation to Build Green NM for review and certification of the project
    • Build
      1. After you have a HERS Rater and have your plans and permit ready it’s time to build.
      2. Make sure you know when the HERS Rater and Green Verifier need to be on site to review and confirm the practices you are doing.
      3. There is an inspection at 1) framing and rough in completion, then 2) after installation of insulation but before drywall and then 3) one at final.
    • Submit project for certification
      1. Pay the certification fee before submission of the documents. Go to CertifiedGreenNM.org to make payments (this is a secure PayPal site)
      2. Have your HERS Rater / Green Verifier submit the documents to build Green NM

About the NM Sustainable Building Tax Credit program (NM SBTC)

New Mexico is on the cutting edge of sustainable building in the United States. The New Mexico Legislature approved in 2015 an extension of this very popular Tax Credit.

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The NM SBTC program in a nut shell

  • Homes must have a HERS Index of 60 or Lower and Score at the Silver Level in the Build Green NM or LEED H programs.
  • Tax credits (for NM income tax not federal) for qualifying homes
  • HERS Index 60 or Lower and Silver Level; NM SBTC of $3 per sq ft up to 2,000 sq ft.
  • Note: For Build Green NM the HERS Index is reduced (must perform better) for the Gold level and again at the Emerald level.
    1. For the Gold Level; NM SBTC of $4.50 per sq ft up to 2,000 sq ft
    2. For the Emerald Level; NM SBTC of $6.50 per sq ft up to 2,000 sq ft