HERS Raters and Green Verifiers perform the important “field” work of verification and testing for homes built under the Build Green NM Certification program.

What is a HERS Rater / Green Verifier?
A HERS Rater is an independent contractor hired to evaluate and test the energy components of a home. Their work starts with a plan evaluation which results in a preliminary HERS Index*. Next on the project would be field inspections regarding the integrity of the thermal envelope, then the quality and amount of insulation followed by testing and finally a “Confirmed HERS Index”. HERS Raters are trained and tested by RESNET and are 3rd party to the construction company.

A Green Verifier is also an independent contractor. Build Green NM requires that the Green Verifier is also a HERS Rater. Builders can then hire one person for both functions. Also the insurance requirements are identical which makes it easier for the individual to limit costs to be approved. The Green Verifier does a field inspection of the practices claimed by the builder and notes what the builder did to meet the requirement for any practice awarded. The Green Verifier also does field testing with regard to water efficiency in the home. They test flow rates and or water consumption of fixtures and appliances and also test for hot water waste. Green Verifiers go through training by Build Green NM to confirm they understand how to properly evaluate that the practices claimed by the builder are properly implemented.

*HERS Index; The HERS Index is a rating of the relative efficiency of the home “as built” compared to an identical home build to minimum energy efficiency code standards. An Index of 100 would equal a “Code Minimum” home. An Index of 0 would mean that the home used no net energy (for example a home that had enough Photo Voltaic panels to offset the energy need of the home). Older homes would likely have a HERS Index of well over 100.