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Empowering Green Builders in NM

It is a new and more demanding world out there both in terms of the expectations of the marketplace and the performance of our built environment. The public continues to look for quality in the homes they buy, but they also expect much more cost-efficiency than in years past. Sustainability and indoor air quality are emerging factors that all home builders must deal with on some level. The Build Green New Mexico Program is a nationally recognized standards and Third-Party Certification program, which can help builders meet these new market demands.

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Green Info for Buyers

Buying or building a new home can be a daunting prospect at times. One filled with new terms and unfamiliar technologies. Increasingly, builders are employing a building science approach to the homes they build, and the performance of those homes has risen dramatically in recent years. Unfortunately, many builders claim to build “green”, but unless the homes they construct are built using science-based standards and are then third-party tested and certified, “green washing” can be the result. As a non-profit, independent organization the Build Green New Mexico Program helps diminish that prospect for the home-buying public.

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